Offering Sugilite Artistic Form Cuts, average grade, A and AA grade Stones.  All stones are untreated,and mined from South Africa.

 If you need a specific cut, please call. 
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Grade A to AAA, as seen here, are Opaque with a Deep Dark Rich Purple color. These stones have just been cut and are ready for setting.  Many sizes and fancy cuts are available for your selection in your own setting.
Sugilite Gemstones are graded to GIA Standards, IGS and European recognized Standards. 

Base Grading Standard for Sugilite Stone, A grade - Mostly Opaque with Manganese or other minerals present.  AA grade - Opaque to Translucent, with Manganese or other minerals present, partly translucent 30 to 79 percent.  AAA grade - Great Color, 80 percent or Higher translucent Gel. Other factors for grading are also taken into account.  Questions? Please call, 910 229 5806 or 478 750 1310. 
We offer Loose Stone Sales, From Certified Diamonds to Quartz, Natural or Treated.

Agate or Synthetic Stones are also available.

We can even get mineral Samples in Matrix, if you like. s

Five Carat or larger stones can be cut for you.

Damaged Gemstones can be re-faceted and surfaces polished.  Not all Stones can be re-cut, but on most Damaged Gemstones, small chips and scratches can be removed. 

​Lab Testing available for all Questionable Gemstone you have. 

We offer Custom Pearl Stringing, Mixed or Matched Grades or Colors of pearls.
Custom Stone Settings, You Draw It,     .....We Will Make It!!!
​We can get you fancy cut stones , and gemstone that are hard to find