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Jewelry and Certified Diamonds

1)  Have a rough design drawing or a good idea of what you want made.

2)  Do not worry about how well you draw, get the gist of it on paper, or if you find a piece you like, but want to make variations, make a list of what you want done differently.

3)  Place all your old gold you might want to use in a small plastic bag.  It can be used to offset the price of your desired piece.  

4)  A deposit will be required for contracted custom works.

​Professional Prototyping and assistance for Jewelers and advance hobbyist is offered.

All files sent for Prototype service should be in STL format and saved small most all
3D programs will allow a save file in a small format with out loss of DATA. 

All Files will be saved on site for 60 days before deletion from our system.

For security and copyright protection of files, Prototype Service is a isolated System.
It is recommended you save a copy of your file at your location.

If your are a hobbyist and want to have your work Prototyped, please contact us so that
we may provide helpful hints to ensure a good product is made from all your hard work. 

Quotes do not include shipping and handling, they are charged separately.

Casting of wax models is available.

Models can be cast in 10k, 14k, 18k Gold, Sterling Silver, or Platinum. 

Metal Molds produced are aluminum.

You can send scrap Gold or Silver to offset casting cost. Use the old jewelry you already have.

Things To Consider When Carving a Custom Design Item Made: