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Custom Designing takes longer, But Good Things are all well worth Waiting for.

Old World Style Craftsmanship or Modern Cad/Cam Designs, Just For YOU!! 

You are a part of the Designing Process, with Your Choice of how your dream, one-of-a-kind jewelry is designed.
 ** Let us make your piece special! **

​We make anything from Pure Gold to the smallest Ring for Your Infant (Baby Rings) or body Jewelry. 

Gemstones of all Types are Available for Selection, Natural or Lab Created Precious and Semi Precious.

We can Special order any Diamond grade or cut or Colored Gemstone, GIA HRD certifications to name a few.

Watch Battery Replacement, Band Adjustments, Jewelry Repairs, Plating and Hand Engraving are available. 

Stone Cutting & Setting, Ring Sizing, Engagement Rings Wedding bands, etc.

Many Gift Ideas for the holidays, personalized as needed for that special touch.

Our Special order service can have most items in the next day at no extra cost to you.

Mr. Lee worked as a apprentice for Five years 1968 to 1973 in Mystic, CT  and New York City.  He is continuing to learn from other jewelers all over the world. Mr. Lee is comfortable working with old fashioned hand tools or with State-of-the-Art Jewelry Cad Programs and 3D service's. 

Mr Lee believes in the Art and Craft of the Jewelers' Trade. 
 Studied at GIA in the US and has been with International Gem Society for over 15 Years. 
Mr Lee expanded his skills with 3D and 2D Cad systems when the technology first surfaced in the late 1980's and has kept up with the 
ever changing pace of the 3D and 2D Jeweler's CAD/CAD designing service's to provide you the best quality workmanship.

Mr Lee believes that the Art of Making Jewelry is a special craft and that the customer is the most important part of our craft helping someone to make that special item that say's more about the one who is wearing it than the person who made it should never to be forgotten.

 Inspiration is all around us, He strives  to help you express your heats desire in Gold, Silver or any other medium used to make your one of a kind jewelry piece to last a life time. 

Some things no matter how much it would cost to make can be priceless to the one who is wearing it. 

Our company will do our very best to provide the old world, old fashioned service. 
You draw it, we will make it.  You break it, we will fix it.  If it’s something you want, we will do our best to 
get it for you in a timely manner.

If you must part with your old metals you can trade your old gold for something new or we If you must part w will purchase it!

If you must part with your old metals you can trade your old gold for something new your or you can trade your old gold for something new or we occasionally will purchase it! will purchase it! We do not sell second hand Jewelry it is all bought for scrap.

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We Repair All Types of Jewelry, Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, & Earrings, just to mention a few of the repairs that we can do for you.
We can Restring Your Pearls in the Japanese Style, as well.
Call for more information, Local 478 750 1310 or International 910 229 5806 (24 Hrs/Day).
We Want to be a different Experience  we want to you feel no pressure and have a say in that special  piece you want made ,, like the old day's of Jewelry Making by your Neighborhood Family Jewelers.