You are involved during the design process, previews of the art work and designs are presented to you for review and approval.

Custom hand Design offers you a chance to have something different other than the manufactured line jewelry everyone is wearing. 

Or you can change what you already have into something different and unique.  

You are provided an opportunity for your own self expression.

You can provide a drawing of what you would like and I work with you to produce your creation. Natural and Lab Grown gems are used  for your designs.

For special applications  silver can be hand hammered for those persons that  need the their special item to be completely made by hand.

 I can hand fashion or use CAD/CAM for your production piece.

Stone setting and replacement is available other  jewelry repair service is provided . 

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Ye Old Mystic Jewelers, LLC
Diamond Stone Re-Cutting, Colored Gemstone Cutting, Scratches removed and Re-Dressed.  Jewelry Repairs, Ring Sizing, Stone Setting, Plating, Pewter Repairs, Costume Jewelry Repairs.  Rough Stone Setting, Rough Diamond Cutting, Rough Colored Stone Cutting.  Prices Vary for size of stone, starting Carat Weight is used to determine Prices.  If you have more than 4oz of gold scrap, we will smelt it for you.  
Processing your precious metals pays on the pure gold content of the metal you bring in for salvage.

Get the MOST MONEY for you Gold, Platinum or Silver.

Minimum requirements, 10k: 6 ounces or more, 14k: 4 ounces or more, 16k: 4 ounces or more, 18k: 4 ounces or more,
Platinum: 4 oz or more, Silver: 16 oz or more.
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anything you want made.
We offer services for all your jewelry needs:  Prototype Machining, Diamond and Gemstone Sales, Gemstone Repairs and re-polishing of your antique stones and metals.: ,-of your antique stones and metals

You draw it, we will make it:  Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings,Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings, Body Jewelry, Specialty Jewelry for Religious Purposes or Organizational Items, Cuff links, etc. 

Custom Designer Services, One-of-a-Kind Designs, Made by Hand or with a Cad-Cam System.

Specialty Pearl Stringing in the Original Japanese Tradition, Antique Jewelry Repairs, Fashion Jewelry Repair.